Silence As It's Ending

Maria Puckerman | 16 | Glee Club | Cheerios

Basically, my life consists of three things: Baking, Nutella, and hurting my self.

I'm the clumiest person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I'm also the flyer of the Cheerio's and a loyal member of the Glee Club. Some people say I'm hyper, but I like the way I am. I like being Maria.

I suck at titles | Maria & Celia | 

The Puckerman house practically shook from the music blasting from Maria’s room. She had gotten bored and decided that she was going to have a one-person-dance-party to pass the time. She had turned up her music as loud as it would go, dressed up in some neon spandax and went all out. Maria knew that her neighbours and family were probably going to hate her after this, but she was bored. And she needed something to keep her unbored. Maria always had to be occupied. It’s just how she worked. Her Justin Bieber playlist began playing and she screamed. Justin Bieber was her recent obsession. His music just made her happy. Maria ran out of her room and into the kitchen to grab some cookies, then ran back up to her room quickly so that she didn’t miss her favourite songs. She ran past Celia’s room as she made her way back, and decided to stop by for a little visit. Maria burst into her room, “Celia! Ven a bailar conmigo!” she yelled at her sister. They spoke to each other in spanish most of the time. Maria didn’t really know why, it’s just what they had always done. It proved effective when they could successfully trash talk people in a close distance to them, since that person couldn’t understand the girls. 

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